Ways in which CRM Software Is Better Than The Client Or Server System 


Before understanding how they are different or why CRM software is better, it is vital to understand this. The client-server system helps know-how resources and services are offered to more than one client. It helps provide the information to the client, and they can access the resources from the personal computer. At the same time, Sales Management System is the customer relationship management software that helps keep all the details of the customer updated.

Getting the cloud-based CRM software can help the users in the growth because of the features it offers. Those features can be considered the best if you want to know how sales management software, which is CRM software, is different from client/server system.

Online CRM System vs. Client/ server system

Let’s look over the points that explain to you how the CRM system is different from the client/ server system and better.


If you choose the client/ server system that may include the server purchasing cost and the installation cost. That can be expensive for you, and even it will take some time for the installation. It can be time-consuming too. But if you will choose the minimal capital investment, then there is no delay in the starting, and all you need to do is pay a monthly fee. Other than that, there will be no expense that you will have to bear.

Security and maintenance

It is essential for the business to be the response for the security of their IT. They need to maintain the security of your business because that contains a lot of information, and if you lose that, then it might be a problem. For that, they may hire the data center supply, which might cost them more. But in CRM software, they will not have to make any changes in that as they will offer you the proper security as they keep your security up to date in the monthly fees you have paid.


Another reason to choose the CRM software over the client/server software is that CRM software provides all the new features and functions that help in getting access to the information remotely. In addition, it helps in keeping the data updated. But on the other hand, client /server software can be expensive and may not be able to provide you with the considerable expertise you need.


Client/Server software can only be operated where it relies on, it can be installed on the PC, and the user can use it. It has only limited availability, which means it will have a high level of security. Otherwise, CRM software has an internet-based connection. It means if your device is connected to the internet, you can use the software wherever you want and get all the information.

In a nutshell, it can be said that CRM software is the advanced version of Sales management software. It offers more features and functions to the users, which can be more advanced.